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Quarantine and Chill-Free Cut Files

I don’t know about you, but quarantine for us has not been a peaceful vacation of just sitting around binge watching Netflix.

My wife and I decided that 2020 would be our year of adventure. We would sell our house, live in a camper and travel the U.S. with our 3 kids. We didn’t plan for a worldwide pandemic to get thrown into our mix!

Quarantine and Moving

We planned and prepared for months. We bought the camper in January, bought a truck at the beginning of February and had sold our house by the end of the month. Everything was on track, we were packing and planning for our grand adventure. Then schools closed, daycares, then a stay at home order, and lastly travel bans. We had to tell the kids that our Disney trip would have to be postponed because they were also closed. Our plans were falling apart, but we still had to move out of our house and try to keep our sanity in tact during the process!

Quarantine and School

Fast forward to April 20th, we have made the camper our home and are parked at a lovely private campground where the owners are treating all of us full-timers like family. We have been helping our 8 year old navigate distance learning while also making sure the preschoolers have learning time everyday also. Our original plan was to set up online/homeschool learning for our oldest son when we were moved into the camper. Well, just like everything else we had to adapt and over come the challenges that the virus had presented us. Luckily, he has been great with the whole process and glad he didn’t have to learn a whole new system…. yet.

Quarantine and Work

We have successfully completed orders from our mini studio inside the camper and have kept our shop afloat (just barely) during this hard time for small businesses. We have had challenges with our suppliers and with shipping. Our main supplier of vinyl closed their doors at the beginning of April. Good thing my wife is somewhat of a craft hoarder and we haven’t had too many challenges with offering a different color or finish for our customers. Getting shirts for orders is another story. Our supplier has limited reserves and is having a problem shipping orders out on time. We also can’t run to the craft store for a shirt if we get a rush order, or they sent us the wrong thing. We have overcome these challenges by adding a new shop for digital designs, which has really helped us pull through the pandemic, even if it was by the skin of our teeth!

Although we miss having family gatherings and play-dates with friends, we know we would not have made it through this without all of their help, support, and light-hearted jokes about the whole situation.

Finally…A Little Quarantine and Chill

We wanted to extend the same support and hopefully some laughs for everyone. Please use these free cut files and get a few laughs. If you need support do not hesitate to reach out to us, your friends, your family, your neighbors, the kids teachers, and maybe come out of this with new friends.

We are all in this together!

Quarantine and Chill Cut Files – SVG – PNG – DXF – EPS

Click to download: Quarantine and Chill Cut Files

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Quick note about our files…you know the fun legal stuff:

♥ >>> DISCLAIMERS <<< ♥

If my files do NOT work with your compatible software, please message me and I will be more than happy to assist you in fixing this issue!

We regularly check our designs for existing trademarks, however, please research your text and design trademarks if you chose to use our designs for profit. In the event of a dispute over your products and the trademark holder, Serendipity and Smiles will not be held responsible, as we do not delegate which products the purchaser uses the purchased design on, for sale or profit. In other words, if there is a current trademark valid specifically on shirts that say, “I love cats,’ it is not recommended to use an “I love cat” design from Serendipity and Smiles on your shirts to sell for profit.

♥ >>> TERMS OF USE <<< ♥

You are allowed to use any files purchased in my shop for both personal and small business commercial use. You are allowed to use the files as they are or modify them to create finished physical products such as t-shirts, mugs, stationary, cards, wood signs, etc. You may also sell sublimation transfers, waterslide transfers, print transfers and decals.

♥ >>> RESTRICTIONS <<< ♥
You may NOT make my images available for digital download, resell or redistribute them as is or modified, in digital form. You can NOT upload files or elements from them on “print-on-demand” web sites. You can NOT add your design to mine and sell the digital file.

Quarantine and Chill-Free Cut Files

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