FREE Halloween Witchery Desktop Organizer Wallpaper – October 2021

  A desktop organizer wallpaper is a great way to organize computer files on your desktop. If you have random icons all over your desktop like me, then, this easy computer organization tip is for you! Keep your frequently used files and apps on your computer’s desktop without your wallpaper looking like a cluttered mess with one of this cute Halloween wallpaper organizers!

Download this Free Halloween desktop organizer wallpaper .jpg file for free at the end of this post.

Every day, I open my laptop and look at a chaotic mess of files, program shortcuts, and random downloads. I have developed this habit of saving everything on my computer desktop. I like to keep shortcuts to my external hard drive folders and designs that I’m currently working on there. I keep files I refer to often there too. Oh, and I also tend to use the desktop as my default place to download everything before organizing it into a specific folder.

As you can imagine, things can quickly become cluttered and chaotic which just doesn’t work for me. Clean desktop, clean mind, and all that!

I’m betting that a lot of you also have this same problem. If your computer desktop tends to be a chaotic mess, then, you know too well the aggravation and lost time associated with having to look for a particular application, file, or file folder amid the chaos.

After spending way too much time on Pinterest, I decided the best solution for me to combat the computer desktop clutter is a desktop wallpaper organizers designed to categorize your files by type. Once uploaded to your computer, all you need to do is move your computer icons to the appropriate area on your desktop. Once I figured out what I wanted my desktop to look like, I got creative and I decided to make myself a desktop wallpaper to organize my files, and maybe help me stay organized as my files get a bit out of control sometimes. I am pretty pleased with the results having never made one before, so decided to share it with you all – and for FREE!

Now, when I open my computer, I can refer to my sticky note of top priorities and important files. The cute design motivates me to stay organized and helps my creative juices flow. I hope this helps you get inspired to organize your computer files and makes it a little less daunting.

I’ve included two .jpg files, one with labels and one without to allow for more flexibility.

I might make this a monthly freebie, and maybe even make fancier versions to sell. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas:

  • Does it fit your screen?
  • Would you like to swap or change any of the titles or boxes?
  • Any other thoughts?

Halloween Desktop Organizer Wallpaper – FREE Download

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