Foster Care and Adoption

Child Abuse Awareness Month April 2021

April is almost here!  This is a time to join others all across the nation in observing and promoting a Wear Blue Day during Child Abuse Prevention Month in April.…

Transracial Adoption

What is transracial adoption? I’ll be honest…I had no idea until a year ago when My wife and I needed some training hours to renew our license. I went online…

Our First Foster Placement

Our First Week As Foster Moms Every story is different. Your first foster care placement may look nothing like ours but there are similarities for all. Your first placement in…

Questions in Foster Care

Important Questions To Ask Before Accepting A New Foster Placement

Free Printable and tips to help you make a difficult decision that is best for your family and a potential new foster kiddo.

Adoption Day: The Reality of Adoption in Foster Care

Adoption Day #3 After 726 days in foster care, our youngest is finally adopted and I can finally relax knowing he is never leaving our home. The Beginning Every placement…

How To Still Have Friends When You Are A Foster Parent

I can’t believe it, but last week was the 25th anniversary of the show Friends.  I remember watching that show growing up and thinking, “I want friends like that.”  It…

5 Tips To Help You Prepare Bedrooms For Foster Placements

Here are 5 tips to help you prepare bedrooms for foster placements. I’ve also included a printable checklist to help you prepare.

Sticks and Stones-Words that HURT Adoptive Parents

I remember like it was yesterday….the day my son shattered my heart into a million pieces using THOSE words. THOSE words that every adoptive mother hopes she never hears but deep down knows she probably will at some point. I remember the pain I felt, how my mind was spinning with how to respond, how I thought about if I had ever hurt my mom like that, and then finally I thought about what my son must have been thinking to use THOSE words.

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month

I have heard many people say that “we need to go back to the days where parents were able to spank their children” or “well at least I never hit…