Organization is helpful for any family but when you have a large family or are a foster family with kids coming and going it is even more important! Try these tips to help you get organized for the school year.

Here are 5 tips to help you prepare bedrooms for foster placements. I’ve also included a printable checklist to help you prepare.

I remember like it was yesterday….the day my son shattered my heart into a million pieces using THOSE words. THOSE words that every adoptive mother hopes she never hears but deep down knows she probably will at some point. I remember the pain I felt, how my mind was spinning with how to respond, how I thought about if I had ever hurt my mom like that, and then finally I thought about what my son must have been thinking to use THOSE words.

I love to have a clean, yummy smelling, cozy home. We make a lot of messes memories in our house. Did I mention we have 6 kiddos?! Although I want a clean house, I also don’t want to use a lot of chemicals.

I have heard many people say that “we need to go back to the days where parents were able to spank their children” or “well at least I never hit you“ and maybe the worst of all, “no one escapes childhood unscathed.”  Unfortunately, for those that have experienced[…]

My wife and I are so excited to finally begin this blog. We hope to document our journey as foster parents, inspire others to join us in this adventure and to share what we have learned along the way. In addition, we hope to share some of our[…]