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5 Natural Cleaning Remedies with Free Printable Labels

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I love to have a clean, yummy smelling, cozy home. We make a lot of messes memories in our house. Did I mention we have 6 kiddos?!  Although I want a clean house, I also don’t want to use a lot of chemicals. I never know what foster kiddo might be allergic and have a reaction to a fragrance or harsh chemical. We also have to worry about locking up all chemicals because of the traumatized teens we work with that may indulge in some risky behaviors. I want to also teach my kids to be independent but I worry about them hurting themselves with cleaning chemicals. Additionally, my wife is always looking for a way to save money and the environment.  

Our solution is to make many of our own cleaning products. They make everyone happy…I get a clean, yummy smelling, cozy home…my wife saves us money and the environment…and the kids get to help clean and learn to be independent and productive members of the family because everything is safe for them to use also.

Scroll down to the bottom to get your free printable labels.

Homemade Lemon Vinegar multi-purpose cleaner from Hearth and Vine

My wife loves to clean with vinegar, but I hate the smell.  We have finally found a compromise. This homemade cleaner from Hearth and Vine works great…and doesn’t make me mad at my wife for cleaning. (I know…mad about cleaning?!? I really don’t like the smell of vinegar!!!) You can even add some herbs and essential oils to change up the scent depending on your mood.  Sage and mint for a spring clean scent are our favorites. I also love lemongrass and Eucalyptus.

I like to use Amber Glass bottles. They do not retain the scent like a plastic bottle would and they look great on the counter.

Homemade Carpet Cleaner from My Frugal Adventures

This is by-far one of my favorite carpet cleaners.  Having 6 kids in a mini-van means a lot of cleaning.  This works great to freshen the carpet and seats…at least for 5 minutes. It is inexpensive, non-toxic and always available.  This also works great for spot cleaning the carpet and sofa in the house.

DIY Fabric Refresher (Febreze) from Brown Thumb Mama

That fresh clean smelling house I mentioned is hard to do sometimes with 2 kids in diapers and 9 people in a house.  Here is a great DIY Natural Febreze from Brown Thumb Mama that will have your house smelling fresh without the chemicals.

Homemade furniture polish from Mom4Real

We have a lot of the original 1919 natural wood in our house.  I have tried a lot of cleaning products and find this all natural recipe from mom4real to be the best for us. After a good spring cleaning, we also like to use Howard’s Feed and Wax to enhance and protect the natural beauty of our hardwood floors, molding and cabinets.

Glass Cleaner from Root and Revel

Along with all of that wood work comes a lot of windows, especially in our sunroom/playroom.  The french door windows are also apparently the best tasting because my toddlers and the dog loooovvvee to lick them.  This DIY glass and window cleaner from Root and Revel is our solution.

There are a lot of different all natural recipes and I find that you really just have to experiment with what works for you and your family. I have listed just 5 of our family’s favorites that we found when we started down the journey to all natural cleaners. Here are free printable labels to get you started.

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